28 Days To Transform Your Life & Mind

A coaching program to become happier, healthier and wealthier.


28 Days To Transform Your Life & Mind

A coaching program to become happier, healthier and wealthier.

Conquer ‘Overwhelm’ Once And For All

Learn To Block Out The Noise & Confusion

Instantly See Results When You Apply What You Learn

"Karen Brook is one of the most effective people I have ever worked with."

Bob Proctor, Legendary Coach and Speaker, Proctor Gallagher Institute

You should be free from the limitations that have been placed on you.

Finally, a way to move forward with less barriers.

You should be free from the limitations that have been placed on you.

Finally, a way to move forward with less barriers.

Do You Feel Potential Within You Is Being Unrealised?

You want to unlock the best you, but you don’t know the steps to take.

Better finances, relationships, and health are within your grasp.

I understand what it’s like to have a fire burning deep down inside you, but feel like outside circumstances are taking your focus or time.

I can relate to that, I built my multi 7-figure business over the last few years whilst raising a toddler, having a newborn baby, moving cities, buying a new house and the pandemic.

It is exactly why I created ‘The Wealthy You’ a few years ago. Because I wanted to give you a place that wasn’t overwhelming and was easy to do. In just 28 days you will learn about the tools that you have within yourself to create the life of freedom that you want.

A Course Over 28 Days That Is Easy For You To Do.

Here's How:

1. Get Started Now

There’s no time like the present to begin your transformation. Instantly receive your first email to get started straight away. 

2. Bring Order

I will personally email you daily and take you through the self-study emails, audios, videos, and affirmations. Receive a short achievable action step for the next day. 

3. Move Forward

Feel confident you are on the right path. See your health, finances and lifestyle take a giant leap towards your fantasy goals.

Absolutley loved this 28 day program. It really got me into a simple, easy routine that started me on a bigger journey to a better me! Great place to start if you are unsure on how to begin. The routine and support from Karen is excellent.

Mandy Pickering

Receive The Absolute Essentials To Creating The Life You Want.

I want you to win. You achieving great things in your life is important to me. In this 28-day program, I will teach you the absolute essentials.

Small yet powerful morsels of information that I teach in detail in my higher mentoring programs.

Learn how to do certain things, in a certain way to create big wins. This is where you set yourself up to create quantum leaps.


Learn the 4 Pillars of a Wealthy You

Your Mind
Harness the magic of your mind

DAYS 1-7
How to take control of your mindset in changing business/work landscape and economy (while navigating family and personal life)

Your Wellbeing
Become healthier and happier from within

DAYS 8-14
Deciding on the right personal and professional goals for growth, getting clear on what you really want

Your Unique Talents & Abilities
What are they and how you can grow them to serve you into the future

DAYS 15-21
Exploring your Unique Selling Proposition in your work and what you love to do most in life and doing more of that

Your Time
Understanding activity management and and how to focus

DAYS 22-28
How to manage day to day activities at work and at home so you feel calm and in control of your days (rather than being on call for everyone else)


What You Get

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28 Days of Training​

28 Days of Training

Each day I have created a structure and process that will guide you to make simple shifts in your mindset and habits that are achievable and sustainable on a day-to-day basis so you feel like you are making progress and winning.

Giving you all the best bits that I have learned that are essential to creating a wealthy, enriched life.

28 days is long enough to see results and make sustainable shifts, but not so long that you feel overwhelmed or like you can't commit from the beginning.

4 Audio Lessons​

4 Audio Lessons​

Karen Brook has personally recorded each of the four lessons bringing her wisdom and experience of the essentials you must know to get back in control of your mindset and life and begin at once creating the future you dream of.

You'll love taking it on the go with you, you can listen at any time throughout the day. Lessons run for 20-30min each and there are four audio lessons in the program.

Access the audio lessons for life.

4 Video Lessons​

4 Video Lessons

Dive deeper into each lesson with a video breakdown from Karen on what the lesson is about, how to apply it, and real-life examples.

Karen and others on how to apply what you are learning to your life now. Access the video lessons for 28 days inside the facebook group. You can access the facebook group for the 28 days you are in the coaching.

Daily Emails from Karen​

Exclusive Mentoring Group

At 6 am every morning receive your daily email from Karen Brook with guidance for the day, how to work with the lesson that day, and a simple study routine to follow with clickable links and easy access to everything.

Look forward to each new day and the progress it makes in your mindset and daily life each day.

Bonus: Prosperity Affirmation

Bonus: Prosperity Affirmation

You get access to the recording that I used to create a mini-Quantum Leap and raise my sales to over $400,000 in just three months in 2019.

Client Testimonials

“I left my full-time government job to start my own business and had absolutely no idea what to do. And then I found Karen and everything has changed…my whole life has changed.”

Christine Dempsey

Sustainable Transformation

When you have all the tools you need to succeed you’ll feel less stressed and more focused on the most important things in your life.

We’ll apply proven scientific principles to help you master your mind and create the whole person you deserve - spiritual, relationships, health and money.

There is too much at stake for you to stay stuck.

You deserve more in life.
Let me help you find the best you.

Client Testimonials

“Since I began working with Karen my life has changed dramatically.”

Elizabeth Wood

Client Transformation

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