How To Turn Your Annual Income Into Your Monthly Income

(Without Working Longer Hours)


May 27-29th | 9-10am AEST Daily

How To Turn Your Annual Income Into Your Monthly Income

(Without Working Longer Hours)


– Three Live Masterclass Sessions with Karen
– Access to Karen Brook Coaching App
– One Week Recording Access

May 27-29th | 9-10am AEST Daily

You deserve to know the real secret to breakthrough from Karen Brook, a prodigy of Bob Proctor, based here in Australia.

“Sales grew by $300k in first five weeks of working with Karen”

Jacob Butler

All successful leaders know they are capable of achieving extraordinary results and earning more money.

They just need a simple plan, the right accountability and support to do it.

My masterclass will help you with that.

Across THREE powerful days I will show you how.

You’ve tried everything, invested in coaching, attended seminars, and watched a million YouTube videos.

However, you’re still stuck, now you just feel better stuck.

Here’s the reality, most of the coaches you speak to are stuck as well.

They’re trying to give you answers to problems they haven’t overcome themselves.

Hi, I am Karen Brook.

Bob Proctor wasn’t just my coach and mentor, he was my friend. I would travel every 3 months from Australia since 2015, just to sit down with him for a week and learn.

Bob was the man who was one of the biggest contributors to the movie “THE SECRET”.

He imparted his secrets on me and it’s why I am in the top 1% of Proctor Gallagher consultants in the world plus I am a 7- figure income earner and CEO of my international business.

“I’ve done personal development my whole life, and i’ve got more out of the first four months of working with Karen Brook than I have had with any other coach.”

Steph Tavella

Here’s what you will learn:

Day One

This is all about getting clear on where you are now in terms of your base results, beliefs and habits.

Day Two

This is all about laying out the dream and the most important goals and seeing what the gap looks like that you need to close to turn this dream into reality.

Day Three

This is all about understanding what needs to change and why you’ve been creating the results you have and how to shift the mental programming to create what you want next.

“Karen picked the blockage that had been holding me back from scaling my income…within the first five minutes of talking to her.”

James Hannan - 7 Figure Business Owner

If you want to improve your results there are certain things you must do in a certain way to create the extraordinary results you so deeply desire.

Take hold of this opportunity and empower you and your team to achieve success a cut above the rest.

3 Steps To Achieving Success Like Never Before In 2024

1. Register Today

I know your time is valuable, that’s why you should invest it wisely.
This will be the best investment you could possibly make.

Grab your access before it’s gone!

2. Watch & Implement

I will give you nuggets of information that you will apply even while you are on the calls.

You will start to see a shift before you even finish the three days.

3. Increase your income, influence and impact

2024 is going to be the even better for you that 2023. It will be a year of increase. A year you will look back on with awe.

Don’t allow another year to go by without living the life you were destined to live.

2024 is your year to leave ordinary behind and create extraordinary results.

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"How To Turn Your Annual Income Into Your Monthly Income (Without Working Longer Hours)"