Are You Ready For A Breakthrough?

Allow me to ask you this very important question and take your time to think about the answer:

Are you really ready to Dominate your Income, Influence and Industry?

Because if not you, then who? Do you truly believe someone else is more worthy of that? If you do, that is a part of your self-image paradigm (a mental program that has almost exclusive control over your habitual behaviour relating to your worth).

It’s essential to understand that if your self-image paradigm stays in control you are disqualifying yourself from anything better than what you have already got.

A huge motivator for me to get better at selling my coaching programs is: if I do not get better at selling and working with the Laws then a potential client will end up buying something else that does not work.

We can apply this principle to the same way in your industries, your careers and businesses – if you do not get better at doing what you are doing, without drawing a line in the sand and claiming that number one spot – I can guarantee someone else will and they are probably not as good as you.

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