Thinking Beyond Money Goals?

Do you not have a specific money goal as such, but rather something else you would love to achieve or experience? Maybe it’s even about figuring out what you really want next?! Maybe it’s just about working on yourself – period.

I would love to see you as the next person in my Thinking Into Results coaching! And here’s why:

You see one of the things I love about this so much for you, is that when you are setting and achieving worthy goals, EVERYTHING in your life goings up!

You are bringing order to your mind and your life. You are upgrading paradigms and building new models that make the old model obsolete!

Yes, of course I used TIR to transform my money paradigm in the beginning and grow a 7 figure international company, but that almost seems insignificant now compared to all the other benefits I have got since having TIR in my life:

– Running and winning a 150km ultramarathon.

– Spending half as much time in the office and enjoying a better lifestyle.

– Buying a new home releasing excess weight that no longer served me well

And I’m not the only one, who has used it for so much more than just money goals:

– Alison’s motivator was to figure what what she wants next and invest in herself again after raising small children and getting them off to school

– Annabel motivator was to make her health and fitness goals finally stick and launch a new business

– Bronwyn used it to find order and calm while launching her second book and selling her company

– Shane and Simone used it to quit their jobs and start their own business

– Jenna used it for general personal growth which led to investing in shares and buying multiple businesses

– Jaclyn used it to improve the turnover of her business in preparation for sale, less her team more effectively and have more time with her family as she moves onto a new career


And the list goes on and on and on and on!

So here’s what I suggest you do, go to the enrolment page (here: and watch the videos and dare to start!

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