Effectively Setting the Right Goals

I know you probably know having goals is a good thing, right?

Clearly defined goals bring order to your mind. But did you know they also help you focus and decision making become easier? It soothes the mind and body when you can link a decision to a worthy goal.

I understand what it feels like to long for your goals and dreams.

No matter how hard you work it feels like the results are getting further away and you’re getting more tired. You want to multiply your income, while working less and enjoy more time for yourself and your family. You need a formula and a plan to help you make a Quantum Leap, something that can lead to permanent transformation. Something that’s easy to do, that gets results fast.

When I applied what I will teach you in my 24-week Blueprint Program, my whole life transformed.

I became happier, calmer and more at peace. I earned more money without working harder. I built a 7-figure company, got married, had two beautiful babies and moved cities amongst many other things. I work half as much as I used to, stress and overwhelm are no longer part of my psyche. I enjoy flying at the front of the aeroplane when I travel and private charter is no longer just a dream.

In lesson one of my 24-week Blueprint Program we look at three types of goals in more detail to help you identify the picture you will spiritually, emotionally and physically align with over the course of the program.

There are three different types of goals you can go after, but only one type will help you become a better version of yourself and make a Quantum Leap:

“A” type goals – This is doing something you already know how to do, you’ve done it before and you can do it again – there is no growth attached.

“B” type goals – This is based on need or what you think you can do. There is no inspiration or motivation in needs.

“C” type goals – This is what you really want. It’s a fantasy to you right now. You’ve never been there before, you don’t know how to get there but it’s what you really want. It causes you to shift vibrationally and grow.

After you watch the video take a pen and sheet of paper and write down exactly what you want

What is your C type goal? What is the date you would love to accomplish this goal by? Email your goal to concierge@karenbrook.com.au and the support team will help you refine your goals.

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