How To Stop Merely Existing And Start Creating The Results That You Really Want!

Let’s talk about what you really want; not what you think you can have, not what someone else wants for you, but what you really want! 

I am not talking about little goals either; I am talking about BIG goals, those dreams and fantasies that you would love to see manifest. Goals like these force you to grow, bring order and focus to your mind, and allow you to accomplish results well beyond the next logical step. They are a precursor to a quantum leap and result in greater health, wealth and vitality. These goals are not outside of you; you do not have to figure them out, they are already within you waiting for you to become aware of them.

Here are five steps for you to work through if you want to stop merely existing through life and start creating the results that you truly desire. If any single step is overlooked or skipped, it will be impossible for you to break free and create a more meaningful life. 

1. Decide what you want.

It is critically important to have a crystal clear image of what you want to accomplish, along with a specific timeframe for its attainment. Most people ignore their true wants and desires in exchange for a mediocre life where they simply exist. If more money is your goal, be precise about exactly how much you want, by what date you want it and for what purpose. Without clarity you’ll be forever unsteady on your feet with a blurred destination. 

2. Take a close look at where you are now.

Most people believe that behaviour is the cause of their results, however the primary cause is your paradigm. Paradigms are what control your habitual behaviour; that being the things that you unconsciously do every single day. Your paradigm influences your ability to earn money, your use of time, relationships, productivity, effectiveness, perception and what you believe you are capable of. Ultimately this forms a self-image that you will never go beyond or outperform, unless you create a paradigm shift to do so. Ask yourself, does your life reflect what you really want?

3. Make a committed decision.

When you are interested in accomplishing your goals you will do what’s convenient; when you are committed you will do whatever it takes. By making a committed decision you focus on your goal and refuse to allow any external circumstances to steer you off course. You make no excuses and accept nothing but the result that you seek. 

4. Take inspired action.

In order to speed up the attainment of your goals, you must first calm down. It is not what you do that counts but how you do it. Every day write six goal achieving activities down and complete them one by one before the day ends. I do this every day on direction from my mentor and coach Bob Proctor, Chairman of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, and it helps to create effective direction when seeking goals. What are six things you can do today to move you towards your goal?

5. Set up your accountability and support network. 

You must surround yourself with people who are creative, upbeat and enthusiastic about life. 97% of the population allow their conditions and circumstances to dictate their success. Those who really make it happen in life, are led from within and do not permit others to impede their progress. Take a look at the five people you spend the most time with. Are they where you want to be? Do they earn equal or more than you? Would you want your kids to grow up and be just like them? Your environment has more influence over the person you will become than the genetics you were born with. Decide on who is going to be in your inner circle, then get on the phone and ask for help. Great people will always help if you are willing to ask. 

Regardless of what you have accomplished up until this point, it is still nothing compared to where you can go. Set a goal that is worthy of your time, make a committed decision and then be willing to grow into the person who would naturally accomplish such a thing. You already have everything you need, what may have been missing is your committed decision to do it.

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