My Father Knew The Secret – Growing Up with Bob Proctor

“I challenge you to study it. Do the exercises. Live the lessons. Your life will shift to a higher plane of performance, and you will contribute more to your world.”

– Price Pritchett, Ph.D., author of You2

In 2006, at the age of 72, Bob Proctor and his trainings rocketed onto the world stage with the movie phenomenon The Secret.

What followed included multiple appearances on Larry King Live, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Nightline. Bob’s world was forever changed, and he was ready. In fact, he’d been expecting it.

For 60 years – long before his movie and TV debut – Bob Proctor lived and taught the principles of success. He was a pioneer in this area long before it became what we know it as today and possessed a healthy obsession with sharing his discoveries with the world.

Bob Proctor has been celebrated as The World’s Greatest Prosperity Teacher and emulated by many of the top personal development leaders. He blazed the trail beginning in 1961 when Ray Stanford handed him a copy of the book, Think And Grow Rich. He went on to completely turn his life around, and most importantly to him, he dedicated his life to helping people around the world from every possible background realise their truly unlimited potential.

Even now, after passing away in February 2022, Bob Proctor is the catalyst that inspires countless dreams to come true and unleashes the embodiment of true freedom for men, women and children worldwide. There is no one in the world like Bob Proctor.

As the son that worked by his Dad’s side, Brian Proctor was often asked what it was like to grow up as Bob Proctor’s son. In Click here for Brian’s Limited Time Offer on My Father Knew The Secret: Growing Up With Bob Proctor >>, Brian answers that question by sharing stories, lessons, and deeply personal experiences, in an easy-to-read conversation that lets you into the private world of Bob Proctor.

You will find within these pages many emotional impacts about how you can benefit from this behind-the-scenes wisdom and strength.

You will learn in a step-by-step fashion:

• How to begin today with small steps that will impact your life.

• Instructions to clear away the mental blocks that are holding you back.

• Stories to model that train your mind to get beyond past hurt and heal yourself. 

• Breakthroughs about why simply wishing for something is not good enough.

• Clarity that reveals why abundance is your birthright.

• …and so much more.

You may have, up until now, associated success solely to living in harmony with The Law of Attraction. However, this book will show you that there is so much more to the story of life’s success – and you will be empowered to implement your expanded awareness immediately for transformational results and a joyful life. 

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