Power of Attention: The Measure of Your Inner Force

Attention is the measure of your inner force. You are incredibly powerful, but how are you using that power? How have you been directing that power?

You could without question be doing 10 or 12 times better. I don’t just mean financially, I mean in all areas of your life. Waking up and being able to stay connected, centred, focused.

Attention is the measure of your Inner Force – where are you holding your attention?

Think about the problems or challenges you’ve been dwelling on and where your attention has been.

Now imagine if you had flipped your attention wholeheartedly to your goal, what you want and put all your power there?

How many of your problems or challenges would dissolve as a result of achieving that goal, as a result of you creating at that level?

Just mentally think through that. What would consume your energy and time if you were really living how you want to live, achieving the results you want, creating the lifestyle you want? How many of the things that currently have your attention, would dissolve?

The great secret of success is to focus the attention on the feeling of the wish fulfilled without creating any distraction. It’s highly likely that you could be doing better if you were holding your attention of the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

Think: Power, Direction, Speed.

You have an infinite and unconditional power flowing to and through you that will take any idea you turn over to it and turn it into physical form. How are you directing that power? What idea are you holding? What centre are you holding? Is it diluted? Is it in multiple directions?

Often you look back to go forwards. Most of the time you are going through life with the handbrake on.

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