Simple Steps to WIN Your Morning

Do you want to wake up feeling focused and ready for your day?

A number of successful days week after week are going to put you in harmony with some amazing results. But in order to win and create a successful day you have got to win the morning. Here are some super simple tips that will set you up for productive days:

Get up when you wake up

My late mentor Bob Proctor taught me this one key habit. Make sure you are ready and focused with what you are going to do in the day when you get up in the morning, which leads me to this next tip: before you have even woken up, I encourage you to write down and have a pre thought plan about your 6 goal achieving activities during the day.

Email for a “6 Goal Achieving Activity Pad” and we will provide you with the template. It’s a fantastic tool that brings order and organisation to your day in harmony with your goals.

Tips to use the “6 Goal Achieving Activity Pad”: Ideally before you go to bed write down at the top of the pad what you really want, your “North Star” goal and then think of 6 goal achieving activities that you can complete the next day. Now really think about these activities, it’s not just general admin tasks – these are actually goal achieving activities that will move you towards what you want.

It’s a great habit to get into because it means you are thinking about what you really want and then you are bringing it into the present day to move towards by identifying these goal achieving activities.

Aim to complete 1-2 Goal achieving activities before breakfast.

If you are currently not loving and owning your mornings this will change everything for you. You will get up in the morning, know exactly what you need to focus on, have clarity around your goal and you are going to be productive before breakfast.

In 2017 I decided I wanted to multiply my income while working half as much. I identified that I wanted to finish my work day around 2-3 in the afternoon but I understood I had to become very focused and productive around the activities that served me the best way to create the paradigm shift I desired. In light of this, I created these simple steps for my morning to help me to multiply my productivity, my income while working half as much.

I began to write my list before bed so the advanced decisions were already made around what I needed to do the next day. When I would get up in the mornings I made sure I got up straight away and began to move into my goal achieving activities so I would have 2 done by the time breakfast came around. I then would move into completing the next 4 steps before midday — it meant that I had to become more focused, more disciplined, I had to really manage the activities in my day and be focused on the most important activities that would help me accomplish my goal with ease.

I want you to move into action with these steps and decide today that you are going to start winning your mornings an understand that if you win your mornings, you will win your day and a number of successful days after another will lead you to accomplish your goals.

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