Strategy of Personal and Professional Growth

When you become clear on what you want it becomes a lot easier to make effective decisions.

We have thousands of opportunities coming at us at every moment of every day, so how can we process any of those opportunities if we clearly have not defined what we are working towards? If you haven’t decided exactly what you want then you won’t be able to make confident and clear decisions that correlate with making decisions that either move you towards or further away from your goal.

As you get clear on what you want, you become a more effective decision maker.

In ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill he dedicated a whole chapter to Decision Making, in there he states “The winners in life have formed the habit of making decisions quickly and changing them slowly if and when they change them at all. The losers go back and forth and that is a decision in itself, that is procrastination and procrastination is the death of men.”

If you are indecisive you are going to miss out. You will miss out on the cheaper airfares, meeting a particular person, having incredible experiences and opportunities of a lifetime. Without question, the inability to make effective decisions is what I see hold people back more than anything else. It’s not the lack of time or money, it’s the fact that they haven’t be able to make a confident decision.

In order to make these effective decisions that are in harmony with where we want to go, we have to clearly define what we want and set the right kind of goals. The true purpose of a goal is to grow. When we are growing we are actually allowing our mind and body to be more vital.

There are three different types of goals you can go after, but only one type will help you become a better version of yourself and make a Quantum Leap:

“A” type goals – This is doing something you already know how to do, you’ve done it before and you can do it again – there is no growth attached.

“B” type goals – This is based on need or what you think you can do. There is no inspiration or motivation in needs.

“C” type goals – This is what you really want. It’s a fantasy to you right now. You’ve never been there before, you don’t know how to get there but it’s what you really want. It causes you to shift vibrationally and grow.

After you watch the video take a pen and sheet of paper and write down exactly what you want. Really allow your desires on the inside to come to the surface.

Once you have a clearly defined C-Type goal I want you to start acting and thinking like the person who has already accomplished this goal.

When most people make decisions they make decisions from the place of where they are right now. Logically if you continue to do that, then you are continuing to attract more of the same or slightly better results. We have to form the habit of making decisions from the place of your want. When you start to make decisions from a place of what you want you are literally flipping your mind and body to a higher vibration. That is the place that we have to start operating on.

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