The Invisible Side of Success Mini Course

Within 5 days effortlessly experience increase in all areas of your life.

5 Masterclass Sessions LIVE with Karen Brook,
5 Workbooks with Exercises and Activities,
Replay Access for 24hrs,
Private Facebook Group for Training & Community

“Sales grew by $300k in first five weeks of working with Karen”

Jacob Butler

You deserve a life of ease and abundance, a life where things fall into place the way you want them to. Bob Proctor passed his secrets onto me, and I am going to pass them to you.

Helping you earn more while doing less is what we do best.

Is this you?

You’ve tried everything.

“Karen picked the blockage that had been holding me back from scaling my income…within the first five minutes of talking to her.”

James Hannan - 7 Figure Business Owner

Why this mini course:

Let’s face it, when you are working long hours, making sacrifices and still hitting a ceiling, it’s exhausting.

Success doesn’t have to mean continued sacrifice and burn out.

There’s an invisible side to success that very few people know or understand.

This mini course is going to help you tap into the unseen and use the power of the Law of Attraction to transform your life.

Hi, I am Karen Brook.

Bob Proctor wasn’t just my coach and mentor, he was my friend. I would travel every 3 months from Australia since 2015, just to sit down with him for a week and learn.

Bob was the man who was one of the biggest contributors to the movie “THE SECRET”.

He imparted his secrets on me and it’s why I am in the top 1% of Proctor Gallagher consultants in the world plus I am a 7- figure income earner and CEO of my international business.

What You Will Get

Five Mindset Masterclass Sessions Live with Karen Brook

5 Days of Workbooks including activities and exercises designed to stretch your mind into new possibilities

Access to replay of all five sessions for 24 hours after the final session concludes

Access to a private Facebook group for live Training and Community

Unlock the Invisible Side Of Success and Receive:

3 Steps To Unlocking The Invisible Side Of Success

Your greatest success won’t come from working hard, it will come from allowing the ‘invisible’ to work on your behalf

1. Secure Your Seat

Join business leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries from around the world.

2. Tap Into The Invisible

There’s a magnetic power waiting for you.

3. Effortless Success

Succeed the way you deserve as you attract everything you need

“Karen Brook is the equivalent of a coaching skyrocket. I haven’t had this much highly crafted guidance for such a long time. The energy, insights and knowledge shared from her has resulted in me completely superseding who I was even just 1 week ago. I’m still in awe of such a titanic result in such a short time. Karen’s style and delivery of content is almost magical. It’s like she unlocks a self ‘knowing’ towards feeling the real feels of deep success in multiple areas of life. The sky really is the limit.

Keeah Ness

Success doesn’t have to include burnout, overwhelm and frustration. There is an easier way. 

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