24-Week Paradigm Shift Program

That helps you get more out of life

Leave ordinary behind and create extraordinary results.


24-Week Blueprint Program


Leave ordinary behind and create extraordinary results.

Money to Flow Without The Hustle

Achieve Higher Levels Of Achievement And Fullfilment

Maximise Your Return On Effort

Freedom To Live Life How You Want

"Karen Brook is one of the most effective people I have ever worked with."

Bob Proctor, Legendary Coach and Speaker, Proctor Gallagher Institute

Bob Proctor Speaks Out: How Your Life Can Change When You Work With Karen Brook.

Bob Proctor (Proctor Gallagher Institute) Shares The Backstory Of Thinking Into Results

The life you deserve shouldn’t always be just out of reach.

You should be able to create the lifestyle and income of your dreams.

The life you deserve shouldn’t always be just out of reach.

You should be able to create the lifestyle and income of your dreams.

Life Moves Fast... It doesn’t mean you're going in the right direction!

What does life look like right now?

If you don’t begin to transform yourself and your business today, things will feel the same a year from now.

Get A Better Quality Of Life In Just 3 Easy Steps:

1. Enrol Now

There’s no time like the present to make a start. Get instant access to lesson one, join our live call and become part of our Facebook community.

2. Get Ready

Get ready to go through the 24-week group coaching program and have a step-by-step plan to follow. Receive your Welcome Gift Pack in the mail with hard copies of all the resources you need to succeed and use them over and over again.

3. Liberate Yourself

Create the time and money freedom that works for you, your lifestyle and your family. Have the work/business you love and the free time to enjoy it all.

Client Testimonials

With the leadership and support of Karen Brook, our business has grown in ways we never imagined. The flow of creativity and the ease of which we now operate as a team astounds us every day. We are living our dream and there are truly no limits to what we can achieve into the future

Calinda King & Maxine Clifford

I understand what it's like when you know you are here for more.

There’s a fire that burns deep inside of you. You work hard, but still, you can’t move the needle.

It’s ok, my clients were like you once… Now nothing holds them back!

Client Testimonials

“This week I signed up 4 beautiful new clients… I’m on the right track and it feels great!!!”

Alison H.

As A Multi 7-Figure Income Earner & A Top 1% Consultant For Bob Proctor Globally.

I'll show you how to create the income you want without working longer hours.

You’ll close the gap between what you know and what you do!

Imagine Achieving Your Fantasy Goal, The One You Thought Was Too Big...

I’ll give you a proven formula that helps you have extravagant success in all areas of your life.

Travel Holiday Home Dream Car Yacht Private Jet

Client Transformations


Create Extraordinary Results In 24 Weeks

Laying The New Foundation For Success
WEEK 1-6 (6 WEEKS)

Setting A Worthy Goal for Growth, Discovering Your New Identity, The Magic of Attitude

Making the Paradigm Shift
WEEK 7-10 (4 WEEKS)

How to Close the Knowing - Doing Gap, Understanding the Power of Paradigms and Your Infinite Mind

How Thoughts Become Things
WEEK 11-18 (8 WEEKS)

Overcoming the #1 Cause of Fear and Failure, How to Turn Your Thoughts into Things, Changing Your Beliefs to Match the Results You Want, Harnessing the Magic in Your Mind Using Your Mental Faculties

Leadership In Inspired Action
WEEK 19-24 (6 WEEKS)

Leveraging the Law of Cause and Effect for Bigger Results with Ease, Leadership and Followership, Creating a Powerful Mastermind for Quantum Leaps

Client Testimonials

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me and teaching me to become the woman that I am today. The beliefs I have, the person that I am and the level that I am on today is so completely different to who I was 7 months ago when I started this program and learning from you. Thank you for that!”

Jodi Hochstetler


The Road To Your Best Life Starts Here

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Live Weekly Training


Live Weekly Training

Join a weekly call with Karen Brook that runs from 60-90min each week. Get your questions answered live on the call and real-time hot seat coaching with Karen. Join other members in break-out rooms to mastermind on your goals and dreams and get feedback. Join bonus daily 30min reading calls to discuss mindset readings and application to real-life situations your are facing. Join a twice weekly worksheet study call to work through the lesson you are on and do the work in real time. Access support multiple times throughout the week in person.

24 Video Lessons


24 Video Lessons

Access Karen Brook unique video and webinar teachings for her blueprint process designed to help you create extraordinary results, she will personally guide you through the lessons, what it means, how to apply it to your life to see real results transform and hear from others who have applied the lessons and made positive shifts in all areas.

Bonus 12 Audio Lessons


12 Video/Audio Lessons

Bonus access to the original Thinking Into Results lessons from Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. Access via video or audio to take on the go with you daily in the car, on foot or when you're in the office. The lessons are 15-30min in length.

Exclusive Mentoring Group


Exclusive Mentoring Group

Join Karen's exclusive and private coaching group on facebook open to current students online so you'll be connecting with me who are actively studying and applying this material to the work, business and life in real time.

Connect and support one-another, making friends and connects for life. Share wins daily and post questions for support and feedback from Karen Brook in between the live calls. you don't have to go a day without being supported in our community.

Welcome Pack


Welcome Pack

Experience the joy and pleasure of receiving a welcome gift pack in the mail, no matter where you live in the world.

We send you a hard copy of all the materials you need to succeed for life in this program. Receive you 196 page Participant's program, journal, gratitude page, daily goal achiever workbook, pens and more! Share your unboxing with us on social media and spread the success!

It doesn’t have to be a life of
overwhelm and overwork.

Your future is waiting for you. Don’t miss it.

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