Tips To Release And Relax | Q&A

On a recent Q&A call, Helen asked the question “Looking for tips and tools to help with relaxing and releasing”.

Let me explain (and watch the video for more):

If you are experiencing resistance in any area of your life I would encourage you to bring the image of whatever you’re experiencing to your mind and apply the antidote;

“I am so happy and grateful now that I LET everything in my life flow free and easy. I only focus on those things that serve me towards my greater good.” and then let it go, release it.

Begin to see how your energy and vibration shift around the image.

You have got to practice doing that, because you can build up resistance around conditions, people and circumstances over time. So if you begin to notice you’re blocking around certain situations that cause you to feel uneasy – apply to affirmation diligently to that situation. When you begin to practice this you’ll notice that your response to these situations change.

Begin to release yourself of the conditions, circumstances, past judgements and beliefs. Begin to think of a situation that is bothering you right now and say the affirmation three times over, then notice how you feel about the situation and how the situation changes.

If we don’t choose a new response, the situation perpetuates itself.

An affirmation like that is really going to help you relax and release, and transform the energy inside you that was stuck around that condition beforehand.

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