No matter where you are at with your personal and professional development journey uncritical self-observation is an important tool to identify where your current results are aligned and how to close the gap to what you really want.

Make sure when you are completing these uncritical self-observation questions that there is no guilt, no judgement and no criticism attached to your answers. Implementing self observation without judgement is an integral part to growing and identifying where you are and becoming a more effective leader!

In ‘Fundamentals’ by Neville Goddard he states: “The purpose of true metaphysics is to bring about a rebirth or radical psychological change in the individual. Such a change cannot take place until the individual first discovers the self that he would change. This discovery can be made only through an uncritical observation of his reactions to life. The sum total of these reactions defines the individual’s state of consciousness, and it is the individual’s state of consciousness that attracts the situations and circumstances of his life.

As 2023 is well and truly underway I want you take this opportunity to journal on where you’re at, what kind of results you are getting, what you really want to be getting and what actions steps you will take to move forward through 2023 and beyond.

If you are getting results that you are not entirely in love with at the moment then I encourage you to apply these questions to the areas around these current results:

  1. What is your current attitude?

    How have you been showing up? How have you been feeling? Is this in harmony with the results you consciously desire to create?

  2. What are you getting emotionally involved with?

    What have you been giving your time and energy to? Have you been getting emotionally involved with thoughts, ideas and circumstances with what you really want or actually what you do not want?

  3. Observe your inner talking

    Observe your current inner talking and you aim/ your C-type goal – Do they match or is there a gap? Wherever the mental activity is on the inside, so you will be on the outside.

  4. Are you taking responsibility for your results, where you are at and taking the necessary steps to course correct with where you want to be?

    No one else is behind your thoughts except you, you are guiding and directing them to an outcome. Get really honest with yourself around responsibility.

Whether you are in one of my coaching programs or have been following me for a while I really encourage you to sit down and answer these four questions. They will help you identify where your current results are and how to take responsibility to course correct and get in alignment with what you do want.

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