Understanding The Spiritual Side Of Business

You can create so much more in an effortless way when you begin to work in harmony with the spiritual side of YOU and business.

Let me start off by saying that your Spiritual DNA is perfect – it is All Knowing, All Powerful, Ever Present and it is the Real You. We have infinite power and possibility available to us, but it’s a matter of understanding how we control that, that dictates what we create.

You have only been expressing a very small part of your spiritual perfection compared to what is possible for you individually, collectively as a team, as a family, as an organisation and community.

Now you might be like me, when I first heard about the ‘Law of Attraction’ over a decade ago I thought “That’s not for me, that’s not for business people and corporate companies”. But what you must understand is – it is how it is. That is not a personal choice you get to make, it is playing out in your life right now. The Law of Attraction decrees what you attract to you is in proportion to what you express. In simpler terms – the better you’re expressing, the better the results will attract to you.

You can scale your businesses, improve your results, attract your ideal clients when you get this working for you. You can create so much more in an effortless way.

Now here is the bottom line – if you are not moving on a bigger idea you are definitely in a state of disintegration, you might not feel it or see it yet but it is happening. We must first manifest in the spiritual side of who we are and then we turn that into results. If you are not giving your perfect spiritual DNA a place to expand then you are definitely in a state of disintegration.

It is not a personal choice whether you want to believe the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration are playing out, the choice is whether you choose to understand it and work in harmony with it.

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