What is the difference between a worthy goal and your life’s purpose? Watch Now.

Your life’s purpose is to enter into the spirit of life and grow. How do you do that? By setting goals and letting them grow your spirit, your mind and your life.

This is something my mentor the late Bob Proctor really taught me.

Let me explain (and watch the video for more):

A worthy goal is specific whereas your life’s purpose is evolution.

You are an eternal being. Your desire for increase and expansion is never going to leave you.

In order to grow and expand you need to set specific goals. These goals are going to grow you and take you from one point to another.

In this video I use the example of someone who wants to be a climber. They want to learn how to climb and they want to conquer mountains around the world. They feel that is their purpose in life. But climbing itself can not be the goal, it’s not specific enough. You might say “well which mountain are we going to climb first and when are we doing it?” 

The answer to that question becomes the goal. That’s the worthy ideal. It’s specific and you can build a clear picture around it.

When we are working on a worthy ideal, we are waking up and working towards something in the spirit of growth. It brings order to your mind. You can become focus, dedicated and disciplined in the spirit of life – you are growing

Entering into the spirit of life’s expansion and fuller expression is your life’s purpose.

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