What REALLY Causes You To Achieve More While Working Less?

How is it possible that you can achieve more, earn more without working any harder over the next six months?


Hear me out, this will make sense in 92.69 seconds (yes, I timed how long it will take you to finish reading this blog).

A paradigm is a multitude of habits and beliefs programmed in your subconscious mind.

Your paradigms are responsible for 96-98% of all your results – good and bad. You are on auto-pilot most of the time! Creating your results the way you have always created your results! Your paradigms are programmed genetically and environmentally. Your paradigms are your biggest problem! BUT they are also your biggest possibility!

Let me explain…

The most powerful paradigm you have at play in your life, is your “self-image” paradigm. And you can’t outperform your self-image! Where ever it is set, is what you are going to get. It doesn’t matter how hard you try or how much effort you put in.

For example, let’s say you take home $180,000 a year. That’s where the money part of your self-image is set. But say, you now want to earn 500,000 take home. Then you have to build a new self-image paradigm to match that so you can create results at that level.

Make sense? (Click here for some paradigm shift stories.)

It’s the same process for anything you want!

Whatever the gap is between where you are and what you want, a paradigm shift is needed to close the gap.

Good news though I can help you with this!

Second good news, when you learn to upgrade your self-image paradigm – you upgrade your life!

And you don’t do it once, if you’ll keep on doing it then life keeps on getting better and better!

You can say:

“Hey! I don’t want to work so hard anymore, I don’t want to feel overwhelmed! I don’t want to spin my wheels, same thing year after year…… I want to earn more money, work easier without the daily grind and have a more enjoyable life the way I want.”

Then you can learn to change the corresponding paradigms that are behind these results and your whole life changes. All it takes is a decision and valuing yourself enough to build the new version of you. Most people say they want more and they want to do better.

But most people aren’t willing to go for it and build the new version of themselves.

They are not willing to invest in themselves. They are not willing to get help and learn how. So they stay stuck most of their lives. Living with the status quo and going along with what everyone else is doing. Settling for half-a-life.

Thank goodness you are not like most people!

… if you want more – you can break-out!

You can break-free and create life your way.

And I’m here to help you do that.

Over to you now, which area of your life do you most want to change, improve or upgrade your paradigm(s)?

  1. Your ability to earn money / how much you earn
  2. Your use of time
  3. Your logic
  4. Your productivity
  5. Your leadership
  6. Your effectiveness
  7. Your relationships
  8. Your health and fitness
  9. Your creativity

Go on, which one jumps out as the area you’d most like to upgrade?

Send me an email at concierge@karenbrook.com.au and let me know.

If you’re looking for examples and ideas of what you can work on next, watch some of our paradigm shift videos and client case study interviews here: https://karenbrook.com/testimonials/

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