Why You Never Stop Dreaming Regardless of Your Current Results

Your life’s purpose is to enter into the spirit of life and grow. How do you do that? By permitting yourself to dream you can set goals that grow your spirit, your mind and your life.

Let me explain (and watch the video for more):

The other week I was speaking to Gina Hayden who was my late mentor Bob Proctor’s PA of 30+ years, she told me something so simple yet profound in relation to holding the image of my goal: “Do not stop dreaming, Karen”.

We can be tempted to judge everything from our current results, looking at the gap between what we want and what we are currently achieving – this can be de-energising and discouraging.

What we ought to remember is to never stop dreaming and living in the spirit of our goal irrespective of what we are currently achieving – thus centralising our point of support, within us.

What do I mean by dreaming?

Discipline your decision making to only make decisions from the vibration and self image of your goal: What would I do if I’d already achieved my goal? How would I be feeling? How would I live? Where would I be living? Permit yourself to dream, be specific and you can build a clear picture around it – in doing so, your current results will not dictate how you feel and thus what you achieve because you are creating a point of support within yourself and not within the physical circumstances.

Entering into the spirit of life’s expansion and fuller expression is your life’s purpose.

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