You Become What You Think About

I remember my first live seminar with Bob Proctor in 2015. He spoke about this book “As a Man Thinketh”… This little green book that was supposed to be a treasure trove of secrets.

Later that week we went to Bob’s house for lunch. It was my first time to Bob’s house. I was very excited when I was browsing his book shelf and came across this little green book!

I pulled it off the shelf and thought to myself “OMG Jackpot”… I opened the book and the pages were BLANK, all but the first page which said “We become what we think about all day long”.

And BLANK pages. Wow.

It made such an impact on me. This was my story to write, my life to tell.

What story did I want to make of it? What do I want to think about all day long?

What’s your story going to be? What do you spend time dwelling on? Is it your goal or your problems? Your abundance or your lack?

Think about it.

“You become what you think about all day long.”

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